Adolescent and Adult ADHD

Although medication is helpful for individuals who suffer from ADHD, the person must learn strategies to manage symptoms. Psycho-education and individual psychotherapy can help. The ADHD adolescent or adult can learn how to manage each day by using techniques and items to organize daily activities. For example, an individual can use a large calendar posted where it will be seen in the morning, date books, lists, and reminder notes. He or she can have a special place for keys, bills, and the paperwork of everyday life. Tasks can be organized into sections, so that completion of each part can give a sense of accomplishment. ADHD adolescents and adults should also learn as much as they can about their disorder. Psychotherapy can be a useful to change low self-esteem and a poor self-image. A therapist can help the ADHD client to adjust to changes in lifestyle and learn about the positive aspects of ADHD, such as boundless energy and emotional warmth.
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